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Leading Innovation and Increasing Creativity: Marla Capozzi

Marla CapozziInnovation remains an important priority for enterprises small and large as well as a major driver of our economic prosperity, if not even more important than ever. As a result, individuals and leaders continuously seek to increase creative output and improve innovation results. Yet we find ourselves, especially as women, mired in the never-ending search for continuous improvement – those elusive productivity gains allowing us to maximize our time and how we allocate this precious resource. Efficiency and effectiveness are top of mind for many of us daily, and on some days may feel like hourly. Read More

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25 Ways to Win as a Working Mom: Samantha Ettus

Samantha EttusAll great trips require preparation. Your adventure as a working mom is no different. You can be the best parent in fewer hours per week; it isn’t about how many hours you spend at home, it is about how you use them. Here goes:

  1. Be unapologetic about your lifestyle. Making excuses for working is like wearing a short skirt and constantly pulling on it. Read More
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How Was Your Mom a Role Model for Your Career?

In honor of Mother’s Day, we asked our conference community:

How was/is your mother a role model for your career?

Following are some of our favorite responses. Add yours in the comments!

She taught me “Never say can’t. Tell me you don’t want to. Tell me you don’t know how and I’ll show you. But never say ‘can’t’.” Read More

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How the Conference Helps Me Succeed

Tory-and-Tori-120x160by Tori Molnar

One day out of every year, professional women all across the state come together in one special place to network, brainstorm, learn and discover new opportunities. Last year was my third year attending the Pennsylvania Conference for Women, and I will always be thankful to this event for some of my greatest successes. Read More

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What Is She Reading? Alexis Sclamberg

I recently had the good fortune of reading Tama Kieves’s upcoming book Inspired & Unstoppable: Wildly Succeeding In Your Life’s Work! before it even hit the shelves. For those of us pursuing work we love—the kind that calls us, moves us, energizes and excites us—it’s a must-read. I’ve already recommended it to all of my close friends and I’ll tell you, too: you have to get your hands on this book. Read More

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Speaker Handouts and Event Recaps

Several of the speakers at the Oct. 2 Conference offered downloadable handouts or wrote articles about their experience at the Conference. Please check back for more soon.


Session: The Sandwich Generation: Strategies for Caregiving (and Surviving This Mid-Life Tug of War)
Speaker: Jody Gastfriend, vice president, Care Management,
Download: Caring Preparing: Paving the Way for an Unknown Journey

Session: Shattering the Glass Ceiling
Speaker: Gloria Feldt
Download: The 9 Ways to Redefine Your Power  and  Strategies to Redefine Power and Lead with Intention

Articles/Recap Posts

Post by speaker Victoria Pynchon
Should We Celebrate 9% Of The Power Or Double It Up? by Victoria Pynchon, ForbesWoman, Oct. 3, 2012

Post by speaker Stanford Thompson
Play on Philly! at the 2012 Pennsylvania Conference for Women

Post by speaker YingYing Shang
A Recipe for Success: The Pennsylvania Conference for Women, The Huffington Post, Oct. 4, 2012

Post by speaker Emily Bennington
Cathie Black Talks Career Success (video of conference session)

The PR Lawyer: Advice from Arianna Huffington and Other Lady Leaders – PA Conference for Women 2012

Marafiki Arts: #Pennwomen: Pennsylvania Conference for Women

Rocky Road Running: Penn Conference for Women Recap

Beezuskiddo: Pennsylvania Conference for Women

Women’s Success Coaching: Evict Your Obnoxious Roomate: The Negative Self-Talk That Holds You Back

Lucky IJ: Women Power, Powerful Women Need Their Sleep, So Says Arianna Huffington, 2012 Pennsylvania Conference for Women

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Helping Women Plan Their Success

Leslie Stiles, board president of the Pennsylvania Conference for Women, shared with the Philadelphia Inquirer why it’s so important to support women’s career advancement through networking, mentoring, leadership opportunities, learning and events like the Oct. 2 Conference.

Read the full article Read More

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Finishing Touch Accessory Drive at the Conference

The Pennsylvania Conference for Women is once again partnering with Career Wardrobe to collect donations of accessories to help every one of their clients receive that “finishing touch.” Suggested items include: handbags, jewelry, scarves, shoes (especially size 9 and up) and stockings (new and unused, especially plus sizes). They are also accepting donations of your unused gift cards to help purchase the items they need to outfit each and every woman that comes to them for assistance. Collection boxes will be located across from the registration desk at the Oct. 2 conference. Read More

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What Is She Reading? Judith von Seldeneck

Below, Judith von Seldeneck, member of our Advisory Council, offers her thoughts on “Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake,” in the first edition of “What is She Reading?”

Book Overview: In Anna Quindlen’s new memoir, “Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake,” the Pulitzer Prize-winning author applies her characteristic warmth and humor to an all-too-familiar topic: aging. As in her beloved New York Times columns, Quindlen explores the wants and needs of women at every life stage, concluding that every age is worth celebrating. Read More

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Meet Our 2012 Advisory Council

Women leaders from across the state have been selected for the Advisory Council for the 9th annual Pennsylvania Conference for Women. Under the direction of a volunteer Board of Directors, these women work together to create an empowering and inspirational day for attendees year after year.  Read More

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