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Tips to Help You Juggle Responsibilities at Work and at Home

Angela Foreshaw-RouseBy Angela Foreshaw-Rouse, Manager, State Operations and Community Outreach, AARP Pennsylvania 

Picture this scenario: you’ve got mandatory meetings at the office and have to submit several projects this week. But your ailing mother, whom you care for, has not been well, and you need to take her to the doctor. What should you do?

The majority (60 percent) of Americans who care for parents, spouses, children and others with disabilities also work at a paying job. Not surprisingly, many family caregivers wind up distracted, emotionally drained and physically exhausted.

Of course, every family caregiver’s job is different, as are the demands at work. Manage your dual roles with these steps. Read More

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Coffee Chat: Four Important Questions for Women Leaders

From left: Lori Hufford, Anne-Marie Walters, Claire Rutkowski

By Amy Josef, Director, Corporate Programs Marketing, Bentley Systems

There is a notable lack of women in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) industries, especially women leaders. Thankfully, there are efforts underway to foster girls’ interest in sciences and technology, and in architecture, engineering and construction industries at an early age, hopefully leading to a greater number of women who are leaders in these fields in the future. Bentley Systems, Inc., a global leader in developing comprehensive software solutions for advancing infrastructure, is proud to have amazing women in leadership roles who are setting the pace for future generations. Several of them—Lori Hufford, VP of connected services; Claire Rutkowski, chief information officer; and Anne-Marie Walters, industry marketing director— took time out of their schedules to share their insights: Read More

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Shonda Rhimes on Grit, Success and Her Latest Project

With three TV series returning this season (“Grey’s Anatomy,” “Scandal” and “How to Get Away with Murder”) and two debuting (“For the People” and a to-be-named “Grey’s” spinoff about firefighters), Shonda Rhimes is a busy woman. Summer was no exception, since the shows resumed production in July. Still, Shondaland’s chief storyteller (that’s her official title at the production company) added a new project to her plate: Shondaland.com, the website.

“It’s been a whole other outlet, which has been great,” says Rhimes, who interviewed straight-talking Rep. Maxine Waters, among others, for the site. The prolific TV hit-maker plans on contributing frequently: “I’m going to write about what’s going on, things I’m interested in, what I’m thinking about.” Though she wants it to be clear that she won’t be the only writer. “We’re going to have a lot of different voices and stories,” she says. “As we’ve been telling people, the site is about life, not lifestyle—covering politics, culture, news and other issues important to women as well as telling women’s stories.” Read More

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Grow Education Budgets and Improve Learning Outcomes Through Energy Efficiency

By PECO Smart Ideas

Schools and universities that upgrade to energy-saving equipment are lowering costs while improving school operations.

Energy often represents the second largest operating expense among educational facilities, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). By reducing energy costs, school districts, charter schools, universities and other private institutions across Greater Philadelphia are finding a sustainable path to keep spending down and budgets stable. Read More

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“My Experiment in Being Early: Conserving and Creating Energy in Life and Work”

Angela SteelBy Angela Steel, Vice President, Clinical Operations-Infectious Diseases, GlaxoSmithKline

As I race from meeting to meeting, both virtually and physically, I like to say, “I’m not Scottish or American. I’m Russian, because I’m always ‘rushing’ around.” That’s my standard line (admittedly pretty bad). I am also often heard saying “Sorry I’m late” or “I need to go,” particularly during 30-minute meetings!  

That is, until earlier this year, when I made a personal commitment to experiment and be early for meetings, events and appointments. I had noticed that being slightly late (which I define as five minutes late) for almost everything, both at work and in other aspects of my life, was having a profound physical and emotional impact. I could feel my heart start to pound as I rushed my family (notably my 10-year-old) out the door in the morning. Running behind him, I was literally sweating, loaded up with laptop, gym bag and my kid’s school bags—and once behind the steering wheel, I was gripping it so tightly my fingers would cramp as I stressed over getting to work with no time to spare.   Read More

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