2018 Speakers

Thank you to our amazing 2017 speakers!

We are currently accepting speaker proposals for 2018 through May 1st. Click here to learn more about speaking at the PA Conference for Women.

2018 speakers will be announced here as they are confirmed!


Amal Clooney

AMAL CLOONEY is a British human rights lawyer practicing at Doughty Street Chambers in London, where she specializes in international law and h... Read Full Bio

Maysoon Zayid

MAYSOON ZAYID is an actress, comedian, writer, and disability advocate. She is a graduate of, and a guest comedian in residence at, Arizona Sta... Read Full Bio

Breakout Session Speakers

Mary Abbajay

MARY ABBAJAY is the president of Careerstone Group, LLC, a full service organizational and leadership development consultancy that delivers le... Read Full Bio

Nisa Amoils

NISA AMOILS is an investor and has been a venture capitalist at Scout Ventures. She is an active board member and former entrepreneur. Amoils ... Read Full Bio

Lauren Smith Brody

LAUREN SMITH BRODY is the author of The Fifth Trimester: The Working Mom’s Guide to Style, Sanity, and Big Success After Baby (Do... Read Full Bio

Kailei Carr

KAILEI CARR is the CEO of The Asbury Group, which specializes in image, presence, branding, and leadership development for executive women. Th... Read Full Bio

Courtney Carver

COURTNEY CARVER changed her life by simplifying it after a devastating diagnosis in 2006. She’s the founder of Read Full Bio

Alexa Curtis

ALEXA CURTIS is a young adult influencer and CEO of A Life in the Fashion Lane, the lifestyle site for teens and parents. Curtis also founded t... Read Full Bio

Carol Fulp

CAROL FULP is president and CEO of The Partnership, Inc., New England’s premier organization dedicated to enhancing the competitiveness ... Read Full Bio

Alison Green

ALISON GREEN writes the popular Ask a Manager blog, where she answers readers' questions daily on workplace and management issue... Read Full Bio

Sally Helgesen

SALLY HELGESEN is considered the gold standard among experts on women’s leadership, and was the first to focus on what women have to contrib... Read Full Bio

Catherine Kaputo

CATHERINE KAPUTA is a brand strategist, speaker, author, and founder of SelfBrand, a New York City-based personal branding company - www.selfbr... Read Full Bio

Danielle Kayembe

DANIELLE KAYEMBE is a female futurist and serial entrepreneur who works on projects at the intersection of women and social impact. She advis... Read Full Bio

Zaniya Lewis

ZANIYA LEWIS is a sophomore at The George Washington University, majoring in political science. She has won five national contests. Lewis is a ... Read Full Bio

Nathalie Molina Niño

NATHALIE MOLINA NIÑO is a serial entrepreneur, a super connector and an investor, focused on high-growth, innovative businesses that deliver a... Read Full Bio

Selena Rezvani

SELENA REZVANI teaches women at all levels to negotiate like a boss. She also consults to employers on how to make work truly “work” for w... Read Full Bio

Dani Rylan

DANI RYLAN is the founder and commissioner of the National Women's Hockey League. Rylan launched the NWHL in April 2015 with aspirations of gr... Read Full Bio

Hana Schank

HANA SCHANK is a writer, design researcher and technologist. Her most recent book is The Ambition Decisions: What Women Know About Work, ... Read Full Bio

Elizabeth Wallace

ELIZABETH WALLACE is the author of The Ambition Decisions: What Women Know About Work, Family, and the Path to Building a Life (V... Read Full Bio

Claire Wasserman

CLAIRE WASSERMAN is a community builder, and an advocate for women in the workplace. She founded Ladies Get Paid, an organization that gives wo... Read Full Bio

Dr. Jen Welter

DR. JEN WELTER became the first female to coach in the NFL when she joined the Arizona Cardinals as a linebackers coach in the summer of 2015.... Read Full Bio

Cindy Whitehead

CINDY WHITEHEAD is a groundbreaking entrepreneur who currently serves as the CEO and founder of The Pink Ceiling — the investment firm, “p... Read Full Bio

Kristin Wong

KRISTIN WONG regularly writes about personal finance, career, and human behavior for the New York Times, New York magazine, and Lifehacker.... Read Full Bio

Gwen Wunderlich

GWEN WUNDERLICH is CEO and partner of Wunderlich Kaplan Communications, and creator and partner of The Enternship. Wunderlich is a trend-spot... Read Full Bio