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Woo-hoo! It’s almost summer: time for a well-earned vacation and, for the parents among us, work-life balance going into overdrive. But there’s something else worth celebrating this month: We’re thinking of it as the season of women’s potential—unleashed.

Just last month, women CEOs broke a new record: There are now 33 women heads of Fortune 500 companies. It’s not yet the parity we’re after, but it is a good sign—and a big jump from last year when there were only 24.

A new report also found good news on Fortune 500 boards, where women accounted for 40% of new members in 2018; that’s more than twice the rate a decade ago.

Now, if that doesn’t warm your summer heart, consider this:

According to top-rated Conference speaker Sally Helgesen (who Forbes called “the world’s premiere expert on women’s leadership”), today’s women are more confident, more supportive of each other, and more ready to realize our full potential than ever before.
Check out our latest podcast episode for Helgesen’s insights into the 12 habits that hold women back—and her gentle and wise advice about how to break those habits. Listen now, and mark your calendar for Monday, June 24th at 1pm ET, when Sally will be answering your questions live on our Facebook channel.


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