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July 2019 Newsletter

Close up woman lacing up sneakers

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Three Rewarding Ways to Unleash Your Career Now

Close up woman lacing up sneakers

We have three offerings this month about how to unleash your career: Play to your human strengths. (AI can’t replace those!) Don’t let fear of failure hold you back. (More people than you imagine survived a massive failure before making it to the C-Suite.) And think about networking like going to the gym. (We’ll explain.)
First up: A 2019 Brookings Institute report predicted that artificial intelligence will disrupt one in four jobs in the near future. So, how can smart women out-smart the robots? Caroline Webb, an economist and former McKinsey partner, offers an intriguing answer in this month’s podcast:

“We have to become ever more brilliant about playing to our human strengths”— especially creativity, wisdom, empathy and inspiration. And thanks to people like Webb, who are bringing insights from behavioral science to the workplace, there are now an extraordinary number of ways to do that. Tune in here.

Next, get ready to stare down that fear of failure. After all, if you think you need a flawless track record to get to the C-Suite, you might want to think again. An astounding 45% of executives who became finalists for C-Suite positions got there after surviving at least one big career blow-up, according to Shoma Chatterje, of GH Smart, a New York-based executive advisory firm that conducted a study of 18,000 executives.

Find more surprises about “The Real Road to the C-Suite.”
Which brings us to that gym thing. We all know we’re supposed to network. But sometimes, it’s hard to find the motivation to do it. That’s where the image of getting your sneakers on comes in. You’re probably not really motivated to work out, either. But you know that once you start, you’ll feel good. See what we’re getting at? Read “Networking is More (and Less) Than You Think.”


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