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On Being Your Own Boss

It’s Small Business Week—which is no time for women to think small.

Not when women are starting businesses 2.5 times faster than overall business growth; launched an average of 1,821 businesses in the last 24 hoursmost by women of color; and now own 40% of private wealth worldwide.

This month, we’re celebrating all of you who are making (or want to make) the most of this moment for women entrepreneurs and investors—with stories, insights and advice from those who have done it and succeeded.

So you have a great idea for a business. What’s your next move?

Claire Lee, head of early stage banking at Silicon Valley Bank, has noticed three traits in successful entrepreneurs. Find out what they are and learn a whole lot more in just a few minutes in 5 Smart Steps For Future Entrepreneurs, based on our “Think Like a Founder” panel of experts.

In the process of stepping out on your own, you’ll find yourself talking yourself into, and out of, a lot of choices. From idea to full-fledged enterprise, this collection of mantras from real founders and executives will help you stay strong along the way. (Pick your favorite and put it on repeat!)

Tempted to try it? Consider this:

  • Female entrepreneurs rate their well-being nearly 3 times higher than women who work for others;
  • Approximately 8 out of 10 women entrepreneurs say they have achieved a healthy work-life balance; and
  • Many women find entrepreneurship helps them enjoy a more flexibleschedule, have more control over their future—and get paid what they’re worth.


Need a pep talk?

In the latest episode of the Conferences for Women Podcast, you’ll learn from media dynamo and wildly popular 2018 speaker Nely Galán.

Galán, an immigrant who managed to pay for her own education at age 12, became the first Latina president of entertainment of a TV network, an Emmy award-winning producer and a New York Times best-selling author—while thriving as both entrepreneur and investor.

There’s never been a better time for women to become financially independent than in this digital age, she says. Get her best practical advice (and a free webinar series!) to help you get started right here, and tune in to our new Facebook page to ask her your questions directly in a live Q&A May 21st.



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