Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Conference?

The 18th annual Pennsylvania Conference for Women will be held virtually on November 10th, 2021.

Will the 2021 Conference be in-person or virtual?

The 2021 Conference will be virtual.

Uncertainty about when and how public health recommendations may change makes planning for an in-person event, especially an event this size highly complicated, if not impossible. The majority of our sponsors and speakers have also expressed a preference to come together through a virtual event this year.

How much does the Conference cost?

Tickets are $175 per person.

What does my ticket include?

Both live and on-demand access! Specifically, your ticket includes live access to:

•  Two keynote sessions.

•  Nine breakout sessions, with three 30-minute sessions on leadership, personal development, and career advancement. Each breakout session will be followed by a Q&A with the session speaker.

•  The virtual exhibit hall, bookstore, author readings, networking chat rooms, facilitated networking sessions, mini learning sessions—and, subject to availability, resume reviews, and 1:1 career coaching.

•  This year’s Virtual Career Fair, both on Conference day and the day prior to the Conference. Attendees will have a chance to meet one-on-one with top executives from major employers looking to hire.

Your ticket also includes on-demand access to:

•  All nine breakout sessions until November 26th, 2021. This will give you an additional two weeks to watch any sessions you missed on Conference day!

•  The exhibit hall, mini learning sessions, author readings, networking chat rooms, and the bookstore until November 26th, 2021. Plus, subject to availability, on-demand access to resume reviews, and 1:1 career coaching.

Who are the speakers?

We’ve lined up globally renowned visionaries and experts to provide the inspiration and tools you need to stay relevant and resilient. We will begin to announce speakers on our website and through our newsletter. Subscribe to our newsletter, The Conference in Your Inbox, to receive additional information from each of the Conference speakers.

How many breakout sessions will there be?

•  Nine, with three 30-minute sessions in each of three session tracks: on leadership, career advancement, and personal development.

•  Attendees can watch a total of three—or one from each session track—on Conference day, followed by live Q&As with the speakers.

•  All sessions will also be available for on-demand playback until November 26th, so attendees can watch all nine on their own time.

Do I have to choose the breakout sessions in advance?

No. The agenda will be posted on our website in advance of the Conference day. But you don’t need to choose or sign up in advance. At the time of each session, you will simply click on the session of your choice. Don’t worry, none of the sessions have capacity limits so you’re guaranteed access to the sessions you choose.

Is this a Zoom meeting?

No. This is an immersive and interactive environment that enables attendees to network with each other, participate in Q&As with speakers, choose from simultaneous sessions, attend keynote sessions while chatting with attendees, as well as watch mini learning sessions and author readings.

Are men welcome to join?

More than welcome! Many organizations send teams of women and men to advance equality in the workplace. 

Will there be closed captioning for all sessions?


Will the Conference be available for playback?

•  Yes, with the exception of keynote sessions, which will only be available live. All nine breakout sessions will be available until November 26th for on-demand playback.

•  Other features, such as the exhibit hall, mini learning sessions, author readings, resume reviews, networking, 1:1 career coaching, and bookstore, will also be available until November 26th. *Career Coaching and Resume Review subject to availability.

Are group viewing tickets available?

No. One ticket enables one person to watch from his or her own personal computer or handheld device—which is best suited to this immersive and interactive environment.

Can I share the Conference with my team?

No. A ticket enables one person to attend the Conference from a computer or handheld device. Group viewing tickets are not available. Do not share your login information. If two devices try to enter the Conference simultaneously using the same login information, both will be expelled from the Conference environment.

Can I buy multiple tickets now, even if I don’t know who will use them? 

Absolutely! You can buy a group of tickets now and submit all attendees’ contact information later.

If my plans change, can I get a refund?

No. However, you may transfer your ticket to someone else. Please remember by purchasing your ticket or a group of tickets, you are agreeing to the terms of this policy and forfeit your right to dispute charges.

What platform are you using?

We use 6Connex Virtual Event platform, a secure, cloud-based platform that is ISO 27001 certified. 6Connex provides an optional system check link before the conference to check your network and firewall compatibility.

Who produces the Conference?

The Pennsylvania Conference for Women is a 501(c)3 organization, Tax ID# 20-0447019, with oversight by a volunteer board of directors.

I have another question. Who can help me?

Visit Contact Us for a list of contacts who can help, or you can reach out directly to [email protected]

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