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Flash Mob Experience at Financial Security Workshop Demonstrates Need for Education and Resources

By Angela Foreshaw-Rouse, Manager, State Operations and Community Outreach, AARP Pennsylvania What do women want? Information about managing their personal finances, judging from the throng of people who crammed together to attend two workshops led by wealth coach Deborah Owens at the 2016 Pennsylvania Conference for Women. Sponsored by AARP last October, the workshops focused on ways that women can increase wealth and prepare for retirement and appealed to everyone … [ more ]

Mentorship and Supportive Networks: On Site and On the Mind

By Deirdre C. Hopkins, Strategic Communications Manager, Pennsylvania Convention Center The Pennsylvania Conference for Women doesn’t just inspire attendees. It has also inspired the staff members of the Pennsylvania Convention Center (PCC), which has hosted the Conference for 11 years. Here, reflections about mentoring and supportive networks from several PCC women employees:

Office Holiday Party Tips

What do you get when you take 15 years of working as a user experience designer for companies such as Google and Yahoo and combine them with keen powers of people-watching and a razor-sharp wit? Answer: Sarah Cooper’s book 100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings: How to Get By Without Even Trying and her blog TheCooperReview. Of course, it’s those years of toiling away in corporate America that provide … [ more ]

Update on Happiness (It’s All Good!)

Happiness is largely a choice. That may sound like magical thinking or like what no-guff grandparents meant when they said to buck up, but it’s actually the finding of a field of scientific study called positive psychology. “Many people think they can’t be happy right now because of their biochemistry or their job or life situation, but research has shown that we are not just our genes and environment,” says … [ more ]

Carla Harris on How to Lead and Succeed

When Carla Harris first went to Harvard 30-some years ago, she had two beliefs that she ended up adjusting. The first was that Harris, now a vice chairman and managing director at Morgan Stanley, would be a lawyer. The second: that only her professors would have things to teach her. “I actually learned as much from my classmates, who were from all over the country and the world,” she says. … [ more ]

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