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Flash Mob Experience at Financial Security Workshop Demonstrates Need for Education and Resources

Angela Foreshaw-Rouse

Angela Foreshaw-RouseBy Angela Foreshaw-Rouse, Manager, State Operations and Community Outreach, AARP Pennsylvania

What do women want? Information about managing their personal finances, judging from the throng of people who crammed together to attend two workshops led by wealth coach Deborah Owens at the 2016 Pennsylvania Conference for Women. Sponsored by AARP last October, the workshops focused on ways that women can increase wealth and prepare for retirement and appealed to everyone from Baby Boomers to Millennials.

Whether you heard Owens speak or not, these free resources will put you on the path to a comfortable retirement.

Start with the Basics

AARP encourages people to ask themselves three questions as they think about saving for the future. What will your living costs be? Will your nest egg last as long as you do? Will your savings generate enough cash?

Whatever your age, there are steps that you can take to improve your financial outlook—starting with an examination of your personal situation. AARP’s Retirement Calculator can provide a snapshot of how prepared you will be for the type of retirement you want.

Take Charge of Your Future

In addition, AARP offers retirement resources that can help you protect and grow your nest egg by learning about ways to save for retirement, accessing expert advice, and utilizing free tools like the 401(k) Savings Calculator, which helps you calculate how much your 401(k) will contribute towards your retirement and the Social Security Calculator, which could help you calculate the best retirement age to claim benefits.

Additionally, there are several articles on saving and planning, ranging from tips to help manage your spending by cutting costs and more effectively budgeting your expenses, to getting out of debt and improving your credit, and more.

Looking to invest? AARP offers free information to help consumers remain educated on the basics of annuities, IRAs, choosing suitable investments, and investing tips to maximize your investing dollars.

These are just a few resources available to help you take steps towards a future full of security, wealth, and happiness.

I encourage all women who attended the Pennsylvania Conference for Women to take these steps. By educating ourselves around important issues like financial security, by sharing our knowledge and resources and by striving for excellence in our personal development, we can continue to be strong leaders and advocates at any age.

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