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Why I Am Part of the PA Conference for Women

theresa and leslieMy first Pennsylvania Conference for Women was in Philadelphia 2009; all I can say is “Wow!” Looking for support and encouragement as I tried to redefine and upgrade my career after working over 20 years under-employed out of family necessity, the Conference empowered me with a new vision!

Wanting to be a part of an electrifying statewide event for women, I immediately volunteered for the Conference in any way I could to get a piece of that powerful female energy that penetrated every part of my soul. Words from keynote Suze Orman have since become my mantra: “It’s not what you do that determines who you are, it’s how you treat people.”

Speaker Tory Johnson who gave practical tips about networking that offered an “ah-ha” moment: “go alone to networking events and make sure you make at least three meaningful connections.” She brought a laugh in the audience when she explained that “meaningful” meant with other attendees, not the bartender or server working at the venue.

Attending the Conference in Pittsburgh in 2010 solidified my wish to be a part of this day of empowerment, and I could not accurately put into words how deeply moved and inspired I was by the day-long program. Accomplished women assisting other women with a “hand-up” of information, networking opportunities, connection and a firm foundation to use as a platform to jump-start your life for all who attended. Amazing!

The Pennsylvania Conference for Women has given me confidence to pursue with determination things that I feel passionate about and could lead me to a new fulfilling career. I’ve accomplished a number of goals, but I’m still a “work in progress.”  All I can say is I know for sure I’m a lot closer to reaching my dreams and my journey, and the Pennsylvania Conference for Women has made me a better person for it!


Theresa Margaret Power-Natale
Erie, Pennsylvania

Below are only some of the many organizations I have been involved with because of the Conference:
Erie Ambassador for the Erie Regional Chamber & Growth Partnership since 2009
Leadership Erie Class since 2009
Women’s Roundtable of Northwestern PA member since 2009
Bayview Toastmasters of Toastmasters International 2009-20012
Insurance License in PA Property and Casualty 2013
Social Media Street Team & Volunteer, PA Conference for Women 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013