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The Day in Twitpics

ariannastage-300x225The 9th annual Pennsylvania Conference for Women, Oct. 2 2012, was a huge success! The hashtag #pennwomen generated more than 8 MILLION impressions on Twitter, and many attendees posted pics. Enjoy this recap of the day and follow @pennwomen on Twitter.


2012 PA Conference for Women: Twitpic Highlights

The 9th annual Pennsylvania Conference for Women, Oct. 2 2012, was a huge success! The hashtag #pennwomen generated more than 8 MILLION impressions on Twitter, and many attendees posted pics. Enjoy this recap of the day! See more photos at and follow @pennwomen

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RT @yingyingsmiles: @GirlUp had a great time @PennWomen, so amazing to meet @ariannahuff #pennwomenPA Conf for Women
Great! RT @lynnapo: #PennWomen so cool. Here are all nine of us. We had a fabulous, enriching experience. Conf for Women
Twas lovely to meet the woman for whom I write on books and politics! #pennwomen #huffpo
We had a great time at the Pennsylvania Conference for women on 10/2, #pennwomen Arts
NYC with @gloriafeldt after great conference #pennwomen in Philly – rainy day now cosy near park
Dinner at the Reading Terminal B4 heading home on Amtrak, with Dawn, Phoebe & Linda; a great day at #PennWomen Snavely
#pennwomen is coming to a close!’s Ideas
Strong women. #TempleMade RT @TULeadership: TU’s @MrsLaurJB at #PennWomen University
Lots of #smallbiz Pitches being developed today @toryjohnson #pitchit session at #pennwomen! Molnar
@powermommy delivering her Pitch at @toryjohnson #PitchIt session at #pennwomen! Molnar
@FoundtheMarbles is talking about the blogging, attracting quite a crowd at #PennWomen Snavely
@HailMerrySnacks helping attendees at #pennwomen @toryjohnson #smallbiz #PitchIt session!’s Ideas
@SmallBizLady helping attendees develop their #smallbiz Pitch at @toryjohnson #PitchIt session at #pennwomen’s Ideas
RT @cancercenter: Dir of Nutrition Huynh & Exec Chef Kessel tell #PennWomen abt #foodflip #CTCAPA Conf for Women
@toryjohnson Small Biz Boot Camp #PitchIt session at #pennwomen! @PennWomen’s Ideas
Social Media Roundtable: How to Make a Career Blogging #PennWomenKathy Snavely
Lunch backstage with @GovEdRendell and @monicamalpass #pennwomen Huffington
A little bit of @verabradley to take home! #PennWomen
Thank you @verabradley! @PennWomen #pennwomen Manning
#pennwomen Vera Bradley founder Barbara Bradley is my new favorite person. She’s secretly raunchy, & gave out these: MFT
Honored @BonnieMarcus was in the front row at my #PennWomen conference #Power Tools presentation. Feldt
@AriannaHuff could have spoken another hour for me: POWERHOUSE!! INSPIRING!! #PennWomen Snavely
Keynote Arianna Huffington cracking up a few thousand of us at PA Conference for Women #pennwomen @AriannaHuff
#pennwomen @ariannahuff Each of us has something about us that we don’t like, part of journey is accepting yourself. Works
#pennwomen Failure is a stepping stone to success. From arianna Huffington. Kurilko
Listening to Arianna Huffington at #pennwomen Sclamberg
Adorable charming and relatable @ariannahuff #pennwomen Marie Everhart
@AriannaHuff now speaking at #pennwomen
Giddy! Met Delia Ephron & got her autograph on “The Lion is In” at PA Conference for Women #pennwomen @DeliaEphron
The children from Play On at PA Conference for Women. #pennwomen Works
Way to compliment the ladies at #pennwomen (as @stanfordleon takes the stage) pic: Larrimore
Yummmm #pennwomen MFT
@AriannaHuff and I are about to take the stage at #pennwomen — biggest party in PA today! Johnson
It takes a brave man to stand up and speak in front of 6,000 women #pennwomen @edrendell_PA Marie Everhart
The ever inspiring Ed Rendell. #pennwomen
Meeting and listening to one of the most successful women in business: @VeraBradley at #PennWomen. Myers
Ahh amazing! @CharlotteBeers #pennwomen Stackhouse
Massive amount of ppl!!! #pennwomen
The women who succeed in business have an aura that says ‘I belong in this seat’ #pennwomen @cathiepblack #confidence Marie Everhart
Here a pic of the panel @PennWomen @toryjohnson @smallbizlady #pennwomen MFT
“Don’t take things personally” @cathiepblack #pennwomen Marie Everhart
Marietta Coleman, Lehigh Ed. Leadersip grad. Had only positive things to say about #Lehigh. #pennwomen @paconvention MBA
Too funny. Men’s room converted to a second women’s’ room for #pennwomen
Yes! My autographed copy of Wild by Cheryl Strayed at PA Conference for Women #pennwomen
Michelle Szkolnicki,Senior VP #CTCAPA:Sandwich Generation:Strategies 4 Caregvng & Survivng Mid-Life TugofWar #pennwomen
One of the gifts of a bad economy is that we are forced to be really creative @alexissclamberg #pennwomen
“I was in love with my idea”….if you’re in love with your idea, you can be that entrepreneur @internqueen #pennwomen Marie Everhart
#PennWomen Whitney Johnson is defining disruptive innovation; companies aren’t disruptive, but people are. Snavely
Enjoying good company at PA Conf for Women #pennwomen Broderick
Super excited to listen to this panel but especially excited to hear from @InternQueen, HUGE biz crush! #pennwomen Molnar
Sonia Sanchez was amazing. #pennwomen Rowe
Cheryl Strayed, author of Wild, hope to get my copy signed! #pennwomen
Sonia Sanchez Philly’s 1st poet laureate PA Conference for Women #pennwomen
@Anne_Everhart: I am loving @cherylstrayed self-depreciating humor. #pennwomen #donttakelifesoseriously Marie Everhart
You have that moment where you have a weight to lift that is unbearable and you either lift it or you dont #pennwomen
@CherylStrayed speaking, everyone in the room is almost crying #PennWomen altunyan
Cheryl Strayed talking about her life as detailed in her book “Wild” #pennwomen
@ PA Conference for Women Representing Blossom & Flourish. Ready to meet some great women! #pennwomen
#pennwomen Excited to hear @cherylstrayed talk about her journey. Kurilko
#pennwomen Sonya Sanchez rockin the house ! Kurilko
Inspired by Sonia Sanchez – “the longtime conscious of the City of Philadelphia”. #pennwomen Hope
Women sponsored today by…#pennwomen Cohn
One of the best freebies at #pennwomen? Fantastic lip balm from The Lodge at Woodloch. Arnold
#pennwomen @natalie_eg @marykate_foley ❤ Pfendner
Such an impressive gathering of women leaders gathered here in Philly #pennwomen glad to be a part #fotobridge Morris
Let the #PennWomen conference begin! Cohen
Yay here we are! #pennwomen
Asst Director of Graduate Affairs, @meganvanvoorhis, speaking to youth about importance of education. #pennwomen MBA
People are is beginning to trickle in! We are right by the networking lounge, booth 420. Stop by! #pennwomen MBA
RT @alimorganam: Stop by the CBIZ booth for chance to win prizes…like free decorating & food! #PennWomen Conf for Women
RT @jennfoxphoto: Recognizing History; Building a Future #PennWomen Conf for Women
love the conference bags #pennwomen S. Nwatu