2016 Session | How The Choices We Make Help Us Stand Out, Step Up and Get Noticed

In today’s competitive environment, it is important to stand out, step up and get noticed – not only to climb the ladder, but to take control of your own career. So how can you ensure that the choices you make each day result in the career growth you deserve while preventing the negative perceptions you DON’T deserve? This panel of honest and accomplished women will offer specific insights from their … [ more ]

2016 Session | How We Decide: Strategies to Improve Our Decision Making Skills

Every day, in every part of our lives, we face an increasing number of choices. Our futures depend not just on the results, but on how well we handle making these hard choices and the serious scrutiny that comes with them. But is a woman’s experience issuing a tough call any different from a man’s? Men and women approach decisions differently, though not necessarily in the ways we have been led … [ more ]