Tips for Managing Stress

How do we, as a community of working women, best deal with the growing stress that has suddenly been unleashed in our lives as a result of the coronavirus? To answer that question, we spoke with Alice Boyes, Conference for Women speaker and author of The Healthy Mind Toolkit. Here are her suggestions—followed by links to 3 sessions we hope you find helpful now: “You generally want to control everything … [ more ]

5 Ways to Create the Career You Truly Want

At 27, Erica Williams Simon came to an important recognition. She was “successful” but not happy. “So, I did what we are never supposed to do—especially as women, especially as black women: We’re never supposed to quit. You don’t quit. Well yes, you do and I did,” she recently said. What she discovered in the time of self-exploration that followed was that many cultural and generational narratives had shaped her … [ more ]

The Fix: Overcoming the Invisible Barriers to Creating Cultures of Equality at Work

  For years, we have heard that to succeed at work, we have to change—lean in, negotiate like a man, hold back on being nice. But Michelle King, Director of Inclusion for Netflix and author of the new book, The Fix, says we don’t need to fix women, we need to fix work—for the sake of women, men and the future of innovation.   Scroll down and click Play to … [ more ]

Want to Advance in Your Career? Try These 5 Ways to Make Yourself Known

If people were promoted just for being great at their job, there would undoubtedly be more women in leadership roles. But while leaders need to continue to work to make workplaces more equitable, there are also things women can do to help advance their own careers—and one of the most important may be making yourself known. At least, it certainly worked for Gabrielle Simpson Gambrell, who advanced from a production … [ more ]

3 Ways to Use Technology to Make Your Life Easier

Stephanie Humphrey is a Technology & Lifestyle Contributor at ABC News who considers it her job to show people how technology can make their jobs easier. Here are three tips she shared with the Conference for Women community: