In the Wake of #MeToo: What does the Workplace Look Like Now? | 2018 Session

The #MeToo movement is accomplishing what the laws created to prevent sexual harassment didn’t do. Sexual harassment is finally being taken seriously and numerous companies are working to put an end to it. While this massive movement is a welcome shift for women, it is also changing the landscape for many.  What are the consequences of this movement? How should it be discussed in the workplace? Are men less willing … [ more ]

2016 Session | Why Your Fluctuating Moods are a Strength, Not a Weakness

Women are leaders, breadwinners and caregivers. We’re leaning in so much we’re about to fall over. To take the edge off, many women pop a pill, eat something sugary, have a drink, or spend mindless time online. These activities quickly become patterns that take an enormous toll on women’s bodies and natural hormonal balance. According to Dr. Julie Holland, women are made to be moody which is a strength, not … [ more ]