Inspiration, Innovation, & Gratitude: Qurate Retail Group’s Karen Etzkorn Shares Her Tips on Keeping Her Team and Herself Motivated

Q: What do you do to keep your team innovative when so many people feel wrung out from the pressures of having lived through COVID? We always strive to keep our teams motivated and innovative through different initiatives and projects, so it was important to maintain this practice throughout the pandemic. In addition, our team members want to be part of something bigger than themselves, so we give them opportunities … [ more ]

How Women Rise: Taking the Next Step in Your Career | 2018 Session

Whether climbing the corporate ladder, or striking out on your own as an entrepreneur, the very skills and habits that made you successful early on could actually be holding you back as you advance to the next stage of your working life. Leadership guru Sally Helgesen will identify the specific behaviors that may keep women from realizing their full potential, no matter the stage of their career. A panel of … [ more ]