The Very Best Career Advice

Over the past year, we asked past and future speakers at our conferences in Austin, Boston, Philadelphia and Silicon Valley for the best work or life advice they’ve ever received or given. Here’s the best of their best answers.

Stop Saying ‘If Only’ and Start Asking ‘What’s Next’

AARP was a proud sponsor of the PA Conference for Women, where we were able to talk about Life Reimagined. During the event, there was a strong emphasis on “being your best self,” “finding your voice” and “embracing the unknown.” These work themes align with Life Reimagined, a program designed to help individuals stop saying “if only” and start asking “what if.”

How to Get Buy-in from Your Boss, Team, Client, Anyone!

You don’t have to be in sales to wish you were a good salesperson. After all, every instance of persuasion—whether it’s getting your team to improve its performance or your boss to green-light your proposal—is a form of selling. Being personable and articulate helps, of course. But getting buy-in is more about know-how than natural gifts, says Joanne Black, who has more than 35 years of sales and management experience … [ more ]