Angela Steel

“My Experiment in Being Early: Conserving and Creating Energy in Life and Work”

Angela SteelBy Angela Steel, Vice President, Clinical Operations-Infectious Diseases, GlaxoSmithKline

As I race from meeting to meeting, both virtually and physically, I like to say, “I’m not Scottish or American. I’m Russian, because I’m always ‘rushing’ around.” That’s my standard line (admittedly pretty bad). I am also often heard saying “Sorry I’m late” or “I need to go,” particularly during 30-minute meetings!

That is, until earlier this year, when I made a personal commitment to experiment and be early for meetings, events and appointments. I had noticed that being slightly late (which I define as five minutes late) for almost everything, both at work and in other aspects of my life, was having a profound physical and emotional impact. I could feel my heart start to pound as I rushed my family (notably my 10-year-old) out the door in the morning. Running behind him, I was literally sweating, loaded up with laptop, gym bag and my kid’s school bags—and once behind the steering wheel, I was gripping it so tightly my fingers would cramp as I stressed over getting to work with no time to spare.   Read More

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