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12 Reasons More Women Should Be at the Wheel

Of course, we’re not exactly unbiased on the topic of female power and primacy. We’re also not trying to instigate some global insurgency or battle of the sexes. But we do believe we’ve identified a new gender gap: women are better at running things like, say, the world. To back up our theory, we turned to upcoming speakers. Here’s how they completed the sentence: “When a woman is in charge….”

“…problems get solved, opportunities are realized and potentials are reached.”—

Aliza Licht, author of Leave Your Mark  

“…it is a priority to get multiple voices and opinions into the pool of meaning.”— Kimberly Gorsuch-Bradbury, founder and CEO of Weeva

“…she’ll likely do the job better than a man would. This assertion is research based: a leadership study published in the Harvard Business Review reported that an analysis of 7,000 leaders’ performance evaluations showed that women tend to outscore men in 12 of 16 arenas.”—Christine Carter, Ph.D., sociologist and author of The Sweet Spot: How to Find Your Groove at Home and Work

“…of her money, the world is a better place for everyone. It’s estimated that in the next 25 years $25 trillion will transfer to women in this country and two-thirds of the wealth will be in the control of women. It’s well established that when women have money they use it to help their families, their communities and causes important to them. Just image all the positive change that will occur in the world with all this economic might!”—Ellen Rogin, co-author of Picture Your Prosperity

“…compassion can create breathtaking global change!”—Karyn Scott, founder of Kids in a New Groove

“….success is an imperative, not an option.”—Patty McCord, principal of Patty McCord Consulting

“…the center of gravity of an organization moves down. I believe that as women we are more tuned into our guts. So, while we use our heads just fine, we are also more comfortable involving our hearts and our guts in decision-making. This is why it is so beneficial to have diverse leadership. The blend of perspectives makes a team strong. Also, it is worth noting that something with a lower center of gravity is harder to knock over.”—Martha Pincoffs, founder of Hot Dang, Inc.

“…there is an exponential leap in productivity because of her ability to galvanize the team behind a superordinate goal, make each person feel that there work matters and inspire collaboration so that the team reaches higher and wider than they have before.”—Wendy Wallbridge, author of Spiraling Upward: The 5 Co-Creative Powers for Women on the Rise

“…families, communities and countries are inspired and cultivated and made better than they were before.”Psychelia Terry, president and founder of Urban Intimates

“…of her personal finances, she’s a better saver and investor than most men. She does her homework, sticks to the course, doesn’t take fliers on ‘sure thing’ investments. She’s able to set long-term goals and make the necessary adjustments in her life to achieve them. Many women would rather talk about health than wealth, or sex than salary because money seems too ‘personal’ to discuss—even in a romantic relationship where assets are shared. But women are generally the CEOs of their households. When women take ownership of their financial future, they’re winners.”—Kerry Hannon, money and career expert and author of Love Your Job 

 “…she makes her self-care a priority and is clear about what drains her, what feeds her and how best to use her time, energy and talents—magic happens! Our physical, emotional and spiritual needs constantly shift, depending on our career, family and life stage, so it’s essential that we take regular time out to pause, reflect and gain clarity as we ask, ‘What is uniquely mine to do?’ In our 24/7 culture, it’s easy to fall prey to the ‘seduction of productivity,’ but just because we can, doesn’t mean we should.”—Renee Peterson Trudeau, life balance coach and author of Nurturing the Soul of Your Family: 10 Ways to Reconnect and Find Peace in Everyday Life.

“…we all win because she brings courage, empathy and wisdom with her.”—Maya Payne Smart, journalist 



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McCord, PattyLast month, prospective parents in Silicon Valley had reason to cheer: Adobe, Microsoft and Netflix announced that new moms and dads could take off, respectively, 12 weeks, 16 weeks and one year—paid. (At Adobe, birth moms can take 10 additional weeks of medical leave, and at Microsoft, they can take 8 more weeks of paid disability.) The companies joined Google (18 weeks for birth moms) and Facebook (four months for moms and dads) in their generous parental leave policies. Can it be long before the rest of corporate America gets with the progressive program? Patty McCord, principal at Patty McCord Consulting and former chief talent officer at Netflix who introduced unlimited vacation days, weighs in on the change happening in Silicon Valley—and hopefully beyond. Read More

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Kreamer, Anne Crying or otherwise showing your disappointment, frustration, anger or stress at work can seem incredibly embarrassing. “You feel like a loser for losing control, but there’s nothing to be ashamed about the occasional display of feeling,” says Anne Kreamer, serial entrepreneur and author of It’s Always Personal: Navigating Emotion in the New Workplace. “Emotions are not criminal elements.” Still, knowing how to comport yourself will help in the moment and minimize your regret. Prepare for any future floods with this 5-step guide. Read More

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Courage Training for Civilians

MJ-Hegar-220x300On her third tour of duty in Afghanistan, rescue helicopter pilot MJ Hegar and her crew were Medevacing three American soldiers who urgently needed surgery when they took fire from a large belt-fed machine gun. Still, they lifted off, determined to save the wounded soldiers’ lives. But with their fuel lines hit, they had to crash land. Hegar, who sustained shrapnel in her arm and thigh, fought the enemy off while the patients were being transferred to the escort chopper, then jumped onto its skids as it took off, holding on with one hand while firing her rifle with the other. Read More

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Banks,-Gloria-Mayfield-220x300Do you undermine yourself when you talk? If you say “just” a lot (as in, just checking in or this will just take a minute), former Google executive Ellen Petry Leanse says yes. In her LinkedIn blog post, which got a lot of people talking this summer, she claims that women say the word a lot more than men, and that the tendency can undercut one’s clarity and credibility. “Using the word is a way to soften your comments or tone down your strength—no woman uses it when telling her child to take out the trash,” says Gloria Mayfield Banks, a motivational success strategist and trainer and founding partner of Charisma Factor. Read More

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