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Podcast: Get Smarter About Thinking Clearly with Elizabeth Thornton

Thornton, ElizabethHave you ever over-reacted to a situation? Do you sometimes take things personally that really are not meant that way? Have you ever misinterpreted the tone in an email and then responded with “tone?” How often do you judge other people unfairly?

We all do this. It is the nature of the mind, but sometimes this inherent subjectivity can get in our way and create difficult consequences. To be happy, effective, and successful today requires greater objectivity: seeing and accepting things as they are without projecting our mental models, fears, background and experiences and responding thoughtfully, deliberately and effectively to the opportunities and challenges of our lives.

To start thinking more successfully today, listen to this 30-minute recording of Elizabeth Thornton’s teleclass, “Get Smarter About Thinking Clearly” or read the complete transcript below.



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