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Outspoken: How to Get your Voice Heard | 2019 Session

We know from history that nothing gets accomplished unless someone speaks up. But being the person to do that can be hard, especially when women are more frequently interrupted than men. In this session, communications expert Charmaine McClarie will provide real world examples from her own experience of speaking up, and will interview a panel of experts about some of today’s most effective communication strategies.  Plan to leave with the skills to use your voice with confidence and “get loud” so that nothing stands in your way.

Thought Leader: Dr. Laura Sicola, CEO, Vocal Impact Productions and author, Speaking to Influence


Dena Blizzard, comedian and founder, Ladies Out Loud

Veronica Rueckert, author, Outspoken

Tracy Stover, managing director, Bank of America

          Emcee: Michelle Lowry, professor of finance, TD Bank and academic director, Raj & Kamla Gupta Governance Institute, Drexel LeBow School of Business

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