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Navigating Life’s Moments

By Ande Frazier, Head of Vision and Brand, myWorth

Leaving the recent Pennsylvania Conference for Women, I felt more inspired than I have in quite some time. To see so many women, from all different ages, races, professions and more, gave me such a renewed sense of purpose.

One of the biggest takeaways from the event, which we heard in different forms from the many distinguished speakers, was that it is so important to listen to each other’s stories. As women, we encounter so many moments in life that shape our stories, and many times it’s the people in our lives, or the communities we are a part of, that help us through it.


Marriage, motherhood, divorce, widowhood—these define some of the many moments we encounter in life. These events can be joyous, difficult or both. There are moments in life that have been carefully planned for, the moments of clarity where it feels like a light bulb went off and there are those moments filled with the unexpected.

When you are in a moment, it can often be hard to see what the next steps should be or what is even possible. The whirlwind of the situation can take over and leave us feeling alone. And unfortunately, these times are often faced with financial challenges as well, which can have rippling impacts further down the road. Having the ability to get the knowledge needed to make the right decision can be tough, but possible. When you have someone you can talk to, who understands what you are going through and provides the partnership you need, you can experience a breakthrough.  


Everybody has a story. And those stories are what shape us. No two people have the same story, so when we decide to share what we’ve gone through, we can learn so much. Like knowing that you need to have a strong credit score on your own so that no matter what life throws at you, you’ll have the financial background to get you through.

Many people don’t think about things like that, but hearing how someone else struggled to get an apartment after a divorce because their credit was tied to their husbands’, that makes other people think about theirs credit. Because we shared our struggles, someone else will have the knowledge to alter their course. That’s why stories are so important.


There’s nothing more powerful than learning from each other. Whether it’s from experts or just someone who has gone through it themselves, we can learn life-changing lessons from each other. When you know you have a group of people you trust behind you, life isn’t so hard.

Community means we are never alone. It’s a common thread that brings us all together so we can support one another, right when we need it the most. Community also gives us a sense of belonging and connection when we face life’s toughest moments.

What I realized most after this event is that moments, stories and communities are what connect and teach us. When women work together, anything is possible.

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