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What does it mean to “have it all?”

Catherine_Jewell“Having it all” is the ethereal goal of many women today. In this session of “Office Hours,” host Samantha Ettus and guest Catherine Jewell, The Career Passion® Coach, discussed how to truly thrive and fell like you “have it all.” Scroll down to read a recap, and click the link below to listen to the full 30-minute broadcast.

Here’s a great formula for “having it all” from “Repacking Your Bags” by Leider and Shapiro:

Living in a place you belong

With people you love

Doing the right work

On purpose

Live in a place you belong. Today, most American cities are large enough to provide jobs in nearly any field. And, many workers are now allowed to work from home, or remotely, for companies in other cities. I believe everyone should locate where they truly want to live, and then search for satisfying work.

Live with people you love. I see a great trend in people in their 30s and 40s returning to home base, or asking their parents to join them in their new city home. A support structure of family is very important to feeling “whole” and to “having it all.”

Doing the right work. Instead of looking at the external things such as industry, company, job title or salary, look inside for times when you felt important, useful and fulfilled. The right work might be as simple a concept as “organizing,” “mentoring others,” or “managing projects.” Identify the work that gives you joy, and create a resume around those achievements to win a new job.

Do your work on purpose. Go deep and determine the effect you have on other people at work. Are you a counselor? Do you influence others? Are you a mentor and leader? Do you inspire others to learn and grow? You are already doing your passion; it’s that thing you can’t help but do.

Three things you can do today:

  1. Notice what is already “right” about your life. Be present to the best parts of your life. Then, go about adding more “right” things.
  2. Ask your friends to describe you. Send out an email to 12 friends and family members. Ask them to send back three adjectives that describe who you are. Believe what they write and accept who you are. When you are feeling low, re-read their words and know they are true.
  3. Give up things that hurt you. Let go of old grudges and hurtful memories. Stop taking your kids to soccer if they hate playing soccer. Quit a job that hurts you and find one where you can be respected and honored.

It takes boldness to make these changes, but to thrive you have to understand that YOU are in control of your own life and the world you create around you.

You already have it all. It’s your job to design your life to be even more fulfilling and satisfying.

About Catherine: Catherine Jewell is the Career Passion® Coach. She has helped thousands of business professionals get clear and focused after a job loss or during a career transition. A career changer herself, Catherine started off in advertising and marketing. After 20 years, she switched to training and coaching—a shift that was based on pure boldness, supreme self-confidence, and a desire to fulfill her life’s passion. As a coach, she inspires her clients to make bold moves in the job market. Jewell is the author of New Resume New Career, the only resume book just for career changers. To connect with Catherine, click here. (

About Sam: As the leading lifestyle and parenting expert for women, Samantha Ettus specializes in coaching the busiest parents on the planet. Since earning her undergraduate and MBA degrees from Harvard, Sam has coached thousands of parents – celebrities, top CEO’s and professional athletes – who aim to perform at the highest levels in both their professional and personal lives. To connect with Sam, click here.