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Make the Most Out of Networking: “Office Hours” Recap

chris cowardNetworking is often viewed as a daunting task that requires you to dress up, attend events (often beyond regular work hours), hand out business cards and hope to not say the wrong thing. It doesn’t have to be like that! This 30-minute broadcast of the Pennsylvania Conference for Women’s online radio show “Office Hours” discusses networking as an attitude AND way of life. Scroll down to listen.
Host Samantha Ettus and guest Chris Coward shared these tips to use networking to cultivate deeper relationships:

1) Give without expectation of receiving. Research from Adam Grant’s book, “Give and Take,” shows that Givers tend to be more successful in their careers than Matchers and Takers. What is your Giver Quotient?

2) At work, try networking with colleagues – taking an interest in colleagues as well as connecting with others outside your immediate department. Find out who your allies are and make a point of getting to know them better. And, build those relationships before you need them.

3) If you are an introvert, take advantage of your ability to connect deeply in 1:1 conversations. Meet others through social media like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter where you can interact from your office or home and then move to in-person interactions.  If you are introverted and find yourself at a large networking event, make sure you get a chance for some alone time to reboot your energy. If you are an extrovert, be careful that you are doing as much (or more) listening in the conversation as talking.

4) Your ability to connect deeply and be authentic while networking depends on being completely present with someone. This means that you are not thinking of your next question, how they can help you, or looking to insert your related story in as quickly as possible. Rather, you are listening intently for how you can provide value.

5) Start seeing everyday opportunities to network. Embrace networking as a way of life.  Ask yourself when you meet someone, “how can I help this person through my resources and connections?”
About Chris: Chris Coward, MSW, PCC is an Executive Wellness Coach and Trainer who helps leaders and teams create awareness around the habits that are working for them and the habits that are not working for them.  From that awareness Chris helps people leverage their strengths and take small steps to create sustainable change.  Chris co-created an ICF coach training program with the Habit Change Company and teaches people how to become Habit Change Coaches.  Chris can be reached at [email protected]

About Sam: 
As the leading lifestyle and parenting expert for women, Samantha Ettus specializes in coaching the busiest parents on the planet. Since earning her undergraduate and MBA degrees from Harvard, Sam has coached thousands of parents – celebrities, top CEO’s and professional athletes – who aim to perform at the highest levels in both their professional and personal lives.