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How to Act on Your Passion

by Sarah Lockard

My passion? People. I’ve been a people person for as long as I can remember. Back in 2008, social media was an emergent phenomenon. Given that it was all about connecting with people in a new and dynamic fashion, it caught my attention.

My passion found its realization through founding, a publishing company based on celebrating and connecting people and businesses across the Delaware Valley.

What’s Your Passion?

The first step in acting on your passion is identifying it. For some of you, it may be very obvious. For others, like myself, it took me quite some time to lead myself to my passion. Ask yourself, “What are the natural talents I have that people consistently compliment me on?” “What comes to me easily?” “From what do I get the greatest joy?” Your passion should not be something you have to strive for but a part of yourself that you already celebrate in your daily life.

Making Your Passion Your Business

Of course your passion may not immediately translate into a well-structured, profitable business model. Once you locate your passion, you need to consider long and hard how you will stand out in a competitive business environment. As we developed our emagazine, we decided that it would follow the business model of a traditional magazine with the huge exception that we would never print and be greatly involved in developing area events. This separated us from traditional local magazines and newspapers. A business contact said to me during the early stages “Don’t be just another face. Do something novel and do it well.”

Your Passion’s Best Friend—Online Media

In attempting to translate your passion into a successful business, here is a key piece of advice: “In an unstable economic environment, online media is your new best friend.” Today you can jump start interest in your passion by launching a website, blog, Facebook business page and coordinating Twitter account as the initial building blocks. This is a great way to inexpensively reach like-minded individuals and build your brand. Understand your passion, how it translates into a viable business concept, be thoughtful regarding your name and brand identity, and develop your online and social media strategies. Once you create this base, you will be ready to go. Act on your passion! I did and so can you!

2011 PA Conference for Women speaker Sarah Lockard is the CEO and ePublisher of Lockard is also the founder and organizer of Main Line Restaurant Week, Philly’s largest suburban dining event. Follow Sarah on Twitter @AroundMainLine.