How This Tech Company Values Its Employees—and Their Time

Lindsay VerstegenBy Lindsay Verstegen, SVP, People, ShopRunner

Companies across the country are finally beginning to see people as their number one asset, and as a result, are upping the ante on employee benefits offerings. A few years ago I began a mission to revamp ShopRunner’s employee benefits offering, and enable a culture that allows people to bring their best selves to work. I’m proud of where it’s at today—and also about where it’s going!

Creating a Real Community

At ShopRunner, a free two-day shipping and seamless payment e-commerce network connecting hundreds of retailers with millions of consumers, we’re proud to offer both maternity and paternity leave, with biological mothers receiving up to 16 paid weeks and secondary caregivers receiving up to 8 weeks.

We allow our culture to thrive by way of various team events. We host our incredibly popular annual BBQ each summer. Since we’re spread across multiple geographies, we’ve also created Slack channels dedicated to various topics, encouraging conversations/support (i.e. women, diversity, foodies, ideas, etc.) in all locations. We’ve also formed our Running Club and Podcast Club (like a book club, but discussing podcasts). Conversations in and around our communities (both virtual and local) help bring connections that allow teams to thrive.

Seeing Employees as Whole People

Our teammates are allowed to work from home at minimum once per week, and some more depending on the nature of their work. We have comprehensive health insurance plans with options to ensure all individuals’ needs are met. Tuition reimbursement, 401k, long-term and short-term disability, fitness perks, equity shares and flexible spending accounts are also part of our benefit portfolio for our employees in our Chicago, Conshohocken and New York City offices.

Giving back is essential to the core of our mission at ShopRunner. As part of putting our values where our time is, we offer employees one paid day per year to volunteer at the charity of their choice. GiveTime allows employees to share their time and talents in their communities and then, thereafter, their experience with the company at the end of the year.

As the tech industry sees more and more competition in hiring, many tech companies will be implementing out-of-the box benefits simply for recruitment purposes. At ShopRunner we are doing more than just chasing talent. We are finding the right personalization within protocols, trusting our employees to do what’s right for ShopRunner and for themselves, and creating a real win-win for all.  

We believe in care for the entire person, a respect for all people, and we believe our evolving benefits practices puts our beliefs into meaningful action. We’re building an incredible product for people everywhere and doing our part to create policies and a culture that allow people to thrive.

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