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Gloria Steinem’s List of Top 10 Fearbusters

In her keynote address at the 2011 Pennsylvania Conference for Women, women’s rights pioneer Gloria Steinem shared her thoughts on the “Live Fearlessly” theme with a list of Top 10 Fearbusters. Enjoy!

10. Reverse the golden rule. For women, treat ourselves as well as we treat others.

9. Fear is a sign of growth. If you are afraid, it means you are stretching and doing something you haven’t done before. (This is in regard to endeavors, not people)

8. Anger is an energy cell, it is precious.

7. We (women) need to make sure we are using our own unique talents, and not imitating others’ talents.

6. Measure yourself by the real, not by the ideal.

5. Look for allies everywhere. Do not be bound by conventional hierarchies.

4. What is viewed as a disability – being “feminine” – has enormous advantages within it.

3. Just about everyone can learn to change, even us and even them.

2. Ask for help. Surround yourself with people who make you feel smart, not dumb.

1. Remember that our humanity, our equality, our self-determination is the key to everything.

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