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Finding Opportunity in Times of Change

Samantha-Ettus-2013-120x120Everything changes, and we all resist change. We all experience adversity that ranges from every day challenges to serious loss. Fortunately, people can grow and adapt.

In this session of “Office Hours,” host Samantha Ettus and guest Anne Barry Jolles, MBA, PCC, OT, discussed how to develop resilience, which allows us to live with humor, vitality and optimism during tough times and chaos. Scroll down to read a recap, and click the link below to listen to the full 30-minute broadcast.


1. Monitor and regulate your emotions. Stay calm when under pressure.

2. Stay focused and intent. Control impulses, manage distractions and strong feelings.

3. Control. Distinguish quickly what is in your control and what is out of your control. During any challenge, it’s important to ask yourself two questions: What is in my control?  What is out of my control? Focus on the factors that make it easier for you to successfully navigate change and accurately identify the cause of problems.

4. Foster allies. Seek out connection to others, help and resources. Foster relationships with family and friends.

5.  Belief in yourself. Know your  strengths and feel confident to take action. Challenge negative thoughts by seeing yourself as resilient and not as a victim.

6. See challenge as an opportunity. Reframe, know that failure is part of success and then SEEK opportunity. Take a humorous perspective by calling your transition AFGO (“Another Freakin’ Growth Opportunity”).

7. Access positive emotions. Find positive meaning in life despite difficulties and cope with stress in healthy ways.

8. Cope with stress in healthy ways. MOVEMENT (walking, dancing, getting out and about) is an excellent avenue to assist you in being more resilient as you are able to move out negative energy and welcome in calm.

About Anne: Anne is a coach because she loves working with people who are motivated to create a life they love and are willing to do what it takes to achieve it. She has helped thousands of people positively change their personal and professional lives when they are stuck, stagnant, pointed in the wrong direction or feel that there is something bigger they want to do. Anne assists individuals and groups to identify purpose and meaning, clarify values and vision and then define steps and goals to get them there. As challenges are discovered and obstacles arise, strategies are created to achieve their unique vision of success. To connect with Anne, click here.

About Sam: As the leading lifestyle and parenting expert for women, Samantha Ettus specializes in coaching the busiest parents on the planet. Since earning her undergraduate and MBA degrees from Harvard, Sam has coached thousands of parents – celebrities, top CEO’s and professional athletes – who aim to perform at the highest levels in both their professional and personal lives.