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Driving Social Good and Change Through the Power of the Workplace

Through access to networks, employees and customers, the workplace – regardless of size, sector or purpose – has the unique power to act as force multipliers to impact social change and make a difference. This session will explore the various ways that employees and entrepreneurs can use a work or corporate infrastructure to give back, volunteer and make an impact locally, domestically or globally. This session will use experiences from real-life change agents to offer inspiration and advice for how you can engage and make a difference within your work – place. Attendees will explore:

  • How to find out if your company has employee networks dedicated around these initiatives
  • How to start an initiative if your organization doesn’t already have something
  • How you work with your company to ensure that corporate and social responsibility are part of their mission
  • How to integrate philanthropy and social responsibility into the mission and financials of your small business

Panelists: Kristyn Stewart , director, Philadelphia Center for Arts and Technology @FOUNDATIONS_INC
Tiffany Dufu , chief leadership officer, Levo League and former president, The White House Project @TDUFU
Emily Denney , senior director of corporate affairs, AstraZeneca @EMDENNEY

Moderator: Nancy Dunleavy , president and CEO, Dunleavy and Associates @NANCYDUNLEAVY
Host: Pam Hisler , VP and market director, Beneficial Bank @BENEFICIALBANK
Branded by: AstraZeneca

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