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Personal Brand: Do You Love the ‘You’ You Find Online?

By Gina Carroll

Gina-Carrol-120x162-120x150Do you love your personal brand? Or does your online presence leave you feeling disingenuous or not authentic? All of the work you’ve put in—tending to how you appear online—has been important, for sure. But in the quest to create a brand, have you lost yourself? Perhaps now is the time to step back and make sure that who you are online is really who you are. Read More

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Get Real. Find Joy.

By Betsy Myers

When she was four years old, my daughter, Madison, often saw her friends leaving their after-school program to go to soccer, ballet, piano, and other activities. One day, when I picked her up from preschool, she said, “Mommy, please don’t overschedule me. I just want to play after school and relax on weekends!” Read More

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Online Courses Offered at Half Off for PA Conference for Women Community

The Pennsylvania Conference for Women is excited to announce a new partnership with Brazen Careerist, a career management resource for today’s professional. What does this mean for you? Huge savings on their LIVE, online courses. Read More

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4 Reasons Why Twitter Can Boost Your Happiness

By Gretchen Rubin, author, “The Happiness Project”

1. Twitter helps you maintain loose relationships and strengthen strong relationships. Technology allows you to keep a better handle on friends, acquaintances, and virtual acquaintances. Far more than ever before, I’m vaguely aware of a huge number of people, some of whom I “know” and some I don’t “know,” and although that sounds overwhelming, it makes my life warmer and richer. Read More

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Cautious Friending

by Lena West, Chief of Social Media Strategy at Influence Expansion

A while back I joined an organization that I believed in whole-heartedly. I liked their ideals, mission and leadership. When I met people whom I thought were a fit, I would let them know about the organization and gave them my personal guarantee that they would enjoy themselves and learn a lot in the process. Read More

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Magic in the Air

By Joan Louise Hill

This was it – the maiden voyage of an expert exchange session on Strategies for Successful Transitions and Second Acts – we knew it was interactive – but would participants do it? After all, it was the last session of an incredibly full day. Would people have any energy left or would they stare at us vacantly, causing us to wonder whether this was really such a good idea? Read More

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Early to Bed, Early to Rise

By, Dr. Jillan Rowbotham, Rittenhouse Women’s Wellness Center

An important part of keeping your immune system strong during this winter’s cold and flu season is making sure you get enough sleep. Adults need around seven to eight hours of sleep a night, but many fall short of that. If you are having trouble sleeping there are a few adjustments you can make at home that just might help you get the sleep you need. Read More

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8 Tips to Beat Holiday Stress, by Gretchen Rubin

by Gretchen Rubin

‘Tis the season to be jolly — and also stressed out. If you’re feeling irritable, rushed, resentful, lonely, or overwhelmed, keep these strategies in mind to help boost your happiness: Read More

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Shopping for Joy, by Joan Hill

by Joan Louise Hill

There is a man in a sport jacket and tie who sits on the bench outside my grocery store each afternoon holding a well worn brown paper bag and a 12-inch stack of index cards. He politely asks each customer if they would like to hear a joke. Read More

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The Humility of Sacrifice, by Lena West

by Lena L. West

You may know intellectually that you cannot have everything you want. I think, to some degree, we all do. But, it’s another thing altogether to know on a cellular level that sacrifice is part and parcel of running a successful, growing business. Read More

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