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Finding and Engaging Male Allies | 2019 Session

When men use their power to advocate for women and support the creation of an equitable organization, everyone wins. But how do you inspire a male colleague or boss to be your ally in removing the barriers to your success? Join workplace gender expert David Smith and a panel of experts for an enlightening discussion about overcoming reluctance to allyship and identifying the actions allies can take to support your career.

Thought Leader: David Smith, co-author, Athena Rising and associate professor of sociology, Department of National Security Affairs, United States Naval War College


Emcee: Celeste WarrenVP, human resources & global diversity and Inclusion Center of Excellence, Merck

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Networking and Mentoring: Build Relationships, Not Just Contacts | 2019 Session

Developing a strong network of mentors and advocates is critical to career success. These meaningful relationships will serve you throughout your career and can help you be a valuable connection for others. A lot of hard work, networking and mentors helped FOX’s NFL reporter Laura Okmin break through the barriers in a male-dominated field and ultimately cover the biggest names on the biggest stages. Now, she’s paying it forward by helping to train, mentor and prepare the next generation of women with her new GALvanize program. Laura will help you understand who you need to meet, how to meet them and how to form lasting relationships (even if you’re an introvert!) Whether you are looking for success in a mentor-mentee program or growing your career by building meaningful relationships, she will share the best practices for creating the most successful two-sided relationship to ensure it is a win-win.

Speaker: Laura Okmin, Emmy award-winning sports reporter and founder, GALvanize

Emcee: Laysha Ward, EVP and chief external engagement officer, Target

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Live Richer with the One-Week Budget | 2019 Session

When “The Budgetnista” started writing her book at age 25, she was a teacher earning $35,000 a year and, within two years, managed to save $40,000. She has since dedicated her life to financial literacy and helping others live a richer lives. In this session, you will learn her invaluable money management system: twelve steps that that can be completed over seven days. You will also learn the practical and easy tools to complete the One-Week Budget challenge and ultimately find a richer life. UPDATED AFTER PRINT: In addition to the One-Week Budget, Tiffany will also be presenting her Ten Steps to Financial Wholeness.

Speaker: Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche, award-winning personal finance educator and author, The One Week Budget and Live Richer Challenge

Emcee: Sarah Bloomquist, ABC

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You’re Not Lost: Create the Career YOU Want, Not What is Being Determined for You | 2019 Session

Making some career decisions can be enough to bring any adult to her knees. The anxiety, second-guessing and often unsolicited opinions we face are abundant. This “Where am I going with my life?”self-doubt affects us all at some point. It can also prevent you from making the small decisions that will help you get where you want to go. Join this panel for helpful insights into how to think about your choices, trust your instincts and decide whether to stay the course or pivot in a new direction.

Thought Leader: Maxie McCoy, author, You’re Not Lost

⚬  Emilie Aries, nationally recognized writer, author and founder, Bossed Up
⚬  Erica Williams Simon, author, You Deserve the Truth
⚬  Lisa Brubaker, EVP and CTO, WSFS Financial Corporation

 Emcee: Reshema Kemps-Polanco, VP, sales and marketing, solid tumor, Janssen Oncology, Johnson and Johnson

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Personal Branding for Your Career Lifecycle | 2019 Session

Your personal brand is how you are known, and the value others assign you. At any stage of your career, it has an impact on your opportunities, resources, referrals, and promotions. Whether you are a professional just starting out, a leader looking to advance to the executive level, or have your sights set on joining a corporate board, building a strong personal brand has a big impact on your career lifecycle. Award-winning international reputation expert Lida Citroën shows audiences how to manage their personal brand in the way they communicate, behave and position themselves around others. She will share her secrets for taking ownership of your personal brand and driving your career lifecycle. She will show you how to assess your relevancy and reputation, design your legacy, layer your personal brand over your long-term career goals, and leverage a wide range of self-promotion strategies, from strategic networking to your signature style.

Speaker: Lida Citroën, reputation management and personal branding expert and author, Reputation 360: Creating Power through Personal Branding

Emcee: Sabrina Brooks, senior manager, marketing and demand side management, PECO

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The Encore Career – Purpose, Passion and a Paycheck in the Second Half of Life | 2019 Session

No matter how successful you are, pivoting to a new career in the second half of life can present some uphill battles. With the reality of ageism and bias in the workplace, trying to rebrand yourself in a new field may feel overwhelming. Whether you want to change careers, find new purpose, have hit a mid-career stopping point or have opted out and now want to opt back in, you can find a new career that offers joy and impact. This panel of experts will share the skills you need to showcase, how to position yourself for success in your transition, and ways to connect with younger colleagues to find happiness in your encore career.

Thought Leader: Marci Alboher, author, The Encore Career Handbook


⚬ Stacey Delo, co-author, Your Comeback: A Working Mother’s Guide to Navigating the Modern Workplace

Susan Rietano Davey , career re-entry expert expert and founder, Prepare to Launch

⚬ Karen Chong, director of audience engagement, AARP

Emcee: Loraine Ballard Morrill, director, news and community affairs, iHeartMedia

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How is Bias Affecting Your Organization? | 2019 Session

We all have blind spots: hidden unconscious biases that can influence the culture of our organizations and the career trajectories of all its employees. But when we learn how to identify these blind spots, we have the power to make change. Sharing best practices and lessons learned from their first-hand experiences, diversity consultant Tiffany Jana and this panel of experts will examine what helps break down these biases, and what all of us can do right now to create systems in which all people can thrive. You will walk away with concrete strategies to tackle structural bias—both individually and organizationally.

Thought Leader: Tiffany Jana, founder, TMI Consulting & author, Overcoming Bias and Erasing Institutional Bias

⚬  Jennifer Brown, author, How to Be an Inclusive Leader

⚬  Minda Hart, founder, Women of Color Equity Initiative and author, The Memo

⚬  Shreya Kangovi, MD, MSHP, executive director, Center for Community Health Workers, Penn Medicine

Emcee: Angelina Isaac, partner, senior diversity & inclusion workforce initiatives, Independence Blue Cross

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Your Money: A Pathway to a Richer Life | 2019 Session

What do we want from our money? Some of us look for independence and security, while others desire more choices and a better way of life. But all of us want to experience less stress around money. So, now that women have more money—and power—than ever before, how can we start making our money work for us? In this session, Today Show financial editor and best-selling author Jean Chatzky will share what she’s learned about living a financially robust life. She will also present her three-part plan for understanding your life in relationship to your finances. Expect to walk away armed with tactical solutions for getting paid what you deserve, making your money last, leaving a legacy—and, most importantly, feeling joyful while doing it.

Speaker: Jean Chatzky, author, Women with Money: The Judgement-Free Guide to Creating the Joyful, Less Stressed, Purposeful (and Yes, Rich) Life You Deserve

Emcee: Jessica Vanscavish, VP, voluntary products, Prudential Group Insurance

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Your Brand: How to Define and Market Yourself | 2019 Session

People tend to come up with their own perceptions about who you are, what you’re good at—and, quite likely, what you’re not good at. They “brand” you in their own minds, which means your brand is created by default, rather than by intentional design. Why let others define your reputation? Join this session to explore how to brand or rebrand yourself. Experts will share their personal experiences to help you reassess your brand –in person and online— so that your brand reflects who you are, not who others want you to be.

Thought Leader: Lida Citroën, reputation management and personal branding expert and author, Reputation 360

⚬  June Archer, marketing and branding expert
⚬  Simidele Adeagbo, Olympian and marketing expert
⚬  Caroline Feeney, SVP, CEO individual solutions, Prudential Financial

Emcee: Aishah Miller, ED & SVP, Wells Fargo Regional Foundation/CDC

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Foster Your Inner Entrepreneur and Innovator | 2019 Session

Being an entrepreneur isn’t just about starting a business. It’s about being a pioneer and thought leader. And, your next innovative idea could lead to breakthroughs—maybe even change the world. So, what’s holding you back? Whether you are in startup mode or looking to generate that next big idea within your current organization, this session will help you explore the essential skills, characteristics and habits to help foster your inner entrepreneur. From corporate professionals to business owners, this interactive panel will share their firsthand experiences to help you with idea generation and scalability. They will also offer strategies to help you navigate the obstacles that have kept that audacious idea of yours from becoming a reality.

Thought Leader: Nataly Koganfounder, Happier, Inc., creator of the Happier Method™, author, Happier Now

⚬  Ashley Tyrner, founder, Farmbox

⚬  Fawn Weaver, CEO, chief historian, and co-founder, Uncle Nearest, Inc.

Maya Bowie, VP of Buying for Integrated Culinary/Kitchen/Cook Merchandising, QVC and HSN

Emcee: Daniela Osio, global risk management leader, DuPont

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