Breakout Session

Muscle Marketing Workshop

Tory Johnson leads a line-up of small business owners who open their playbooks to share the real-world marketing tactics and strategies that work. Get fresh ideas to formulate an actionable marketing plan and learn the importance of “BBFs” (business best friends)—to help fuel your small business success.

Panelists:Norrinda Brown Hayat, Melinda Emerson, Sarah Palisi Chapin, Carrie Ruddell Maria

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Small Business Boot Camp: Putting It All Together

tory-johnson-150x150Speaker: Tory Johnson, founder, Women For Hire and Spark & Hustle

Participants in the Small Business Track were invited to join Tory Johnson and a team of pros for an exciting PITCH IT! session. This popular program takes a hands-on approach to helping you clarify and perfect your 30-second “elevator pitch” about your business. Each participant had a chance to step up to the podium to share her pitch and receive on-the-spot candid and constructive feedback from a panel of experts.

Panelists: Melinda Emerson, Jenn Lee, Sarah Palisi Chapin

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Creating Better Marriages and Relationships

Jacqueline-DelRosariosm1Speaker: Dr. Jacqueline Del Rosario, founder and CEO, Recapturing the Vision

Having received keys to several cities, multimillions in federal funding and bi-partisan recognition from two U.S. Presidents Dr. Jacqueline Del Rosario is “The How to Lady” and “America’s Marriage Doctor” and can teach you how to have better marriages, live better lives, and recapture lost visions.

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Getting Your Message Heard: Rules for Maximizing Your Chances for Coverage in the Brave New World of Media

Loraine-Ballard-MorrillsmSpeaker:Loraine Ballard Morrill, news and community affairs director, Clear Channel Radio Philadelphia

Loraine Ballard Morrill, veteran news and community affairs director for Clear Channel Radio, shares tips and suggestions for getting the attention of overworked and overwhelmed media professionals. Whether you are in the for-profit world trying to maximize exposure, an entrepreneur trying to secure press or spearheading a cause in the non-profit arena, this session offers something for everyone. Attendees will learn specific do’s and don’ts and explore how new mediums in the digital space (i.e. Twitter, Linked In, Facebook, email) are changing the way media is covered and how you can be heard.

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Embracing Risk: Making Entrepreneurial Leaps that Pay Off

Monica-Methasm1Speaker: Monica Mehta, small business and finance expert and author, The Enterprising Instinct

This session looks past the rags to riches stories of self-made entrepreneurs to explore how our mind, behavior, and brain chemistry impact our ability to be enterprising in the absence of formal training. Monica Mehta reveals the traits and habits that will allow you to take rewarding risks, overcome fear and failure, and thrive in the face of ambiguity. Together you will explore how to determine if your idea for a new company will take off and become the next big thing.

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Found the Marbles: Strategies to Reduce your Stress

Jessica-CohensmSpeaker: Jessica Cohen, Founder of


Stress itself is stressful!  In this session we will discuss the causes of stress overload as well as the tips and tricks for reducing stress. Jessica Cohen talks about tackling stress rather than letting it take over your life.

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The No-Hour Workweek: How To Redesign Your Work To Fit Your Life, Not The Other Way Round

Speaker:Cindy-Gallop-highCindy Gallop, leadership expert and creator,

Are you a woman entrepreneur battling to get your venture funded and operational? Or, running a company and wondering if you’ll ever have a life? Have an idea for a startup but don’t think you can face doing what it takes to get it off the ground? Cindy Gallop has some radical ideas for how to redesign your business around the working life you really want to live, and how to reinvent the world of business – in ways that men as well as women will welcome – for the new world order.

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