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Carry On, Warrior: Developing Resiliency to Mobilize a Better You

We have all faced negative or challenging experiences personally or professionally – it’s a part of life. While the experience may impact us; it’s how we move forward as a result which defines who we are. Are you someone who lets challenge immobilize you in times of distress? Once a recovering bulimic and alcoholic, best-selling author and blogger, Glennon Melton serves as a great model for how resiliency helped her carry on and overcome years of pain, suffering and addiction. Sharing real-life insights, inspiration and humor, the beloved founder of Momastery will teach you how to develop resiliency skills to overcome your obstacles, better build from challenges in life and prepare you to carry on and be your own warrior.

Speaker: Glennon Doyle Melton , founder,, and NY Times best-selling author, Carry On Warrior @MOMASTERY
Host: Frankie Darcell , author, producer and radio personality, Clear Channel @FRANKIEDARCELL
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