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Achieving Work/Life Integration: How to Have it All…At the Right Time

Decades ago, before the invention of laptops and smart phones, boundaries were clear and work stayed at the office after 5pm. Thanks to the blessing (or curse) of technology, separation of work and play seems to be non-existent. While workplace productivity has increased as a result, balance continues to be out of whack as women especially, struggle to juggle the mayhem and pressures of life and career. Rather than find strategies to balance work and life as separate silos, this session will explore strategies for integrating work and life. Understanding that the demands for each ebb high and low at varying times, attendees will not only learn ways to effectively manage tasks and time, but will learn how to put the focus back into things that matter most at the right times so that you can feel successful personally and professionally – and with less guilt!

Panelists: Amanda Steinberg , founder and CEO, The Daily Worth @AMANDASTEINBERG
Mally Roncal, celebrity makeup artist and founder and president, Mally Beauty @MALLYBEAUTY
Molly Watson , COO, Tierney @HELLOTIERNEY

Moderator: Lisa Belkin , senior columnist on life, The Huffington Post @LISABELKIN
Host: Jennifer MacMullen , VP and market director, Beneficial Bank @BENEFICIALBANK
Branded by: Tierney