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A Different Take on “Taking Care of Yourself”

by Lora Shor, MSW, ACSW

As care givers and caretakers—and if you are reading this—you are a care giver to someone, a nurturer, a doer, a woman who throughout your day and certainly throughout your life has given so much of your time, attention and energy to caring for others.  So are we as kind, compassionate, and caring towards ourselves as we are to the people that we take care of, the businesses we nurture, and the children that we hope to teach one day to be well- balanced adults?

Or are we worshipping “The god of other people’s opinion” and needlessly worrying and endlessly checking if we are doing enough for others?   Can you be a caregiver to yourself?  At times it might be both necessary and appropriate to put other people at the top of the list…the challenge is to rise up from the bottom and be counted as number one on the list. This is not about being selfish, it is about self-love. All other love for anyone cannot take place without self-love.  [click “read more” below to see the rest of the article]