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5 Things Holding You Back from Career Transition

christie mimsThere are often 5 big things that hold us back from making a change in our career, and if you can get past them, you’d be amazed at what happens. Click the link below to listen to a 15-minute podcast from career coach Christie Mims to learn more about these fears, and learn a tool that can help you overcome them.

The 5 Fears

How many of us have felt one or more of these?

1. Fear of Survival: if I leave my job or make a change, I won’t be able to pay my bills or something bad will happen to me.

2. Fear of the Unknown: If I leave my job what will I do? If I hate the new job where will I be?

3. Fear of Failure: If I am good at my current job, what if I am terrible if I try something different?

4. Fear of Success: I have so many ideas of what to do next but can’t figure out which one to do. What if I try and succeed – what will change in my life?

5. Fear of Lack of Time: How can I find time to make the transition?

There are ways to overcome these fears that we can do right now. Listen to the podcast to learn about a tool that can be used starting right now.

Christie Mims holds a BA from the University of Virginia, a MA from the University of Kent, Brussels School of International Studies, and is a certified mediator and certified professional coach. She has paved her own path, from bartender in London to analyst at NATO, from Principal Consultant to Director of the National Security Business Unit at a Fortune 500 company in Washington DC. And those are only the jobs she is allowed to tell you about! So you can trust her when she says: “I have absolutely been there, seen that, and worn those uncomfortable shoes.”

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