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2023 Agenda Reveal With Session Key

woman checking off agenda items (illustration)

Photo credit: (Rudzhan Nagiev)

Exciting news! Our 2023 Conference Agenda has been revealed and our extensive Breakout Session program has returned! Check out our Agenda Session Key below for detailed descriptions on our 2023 Agenda session types and tracks.

Session Tracks

LEADERSHIP: Designed for a seasoned or aspiring leader looking to climb the ladder and break barriers.

CAREER: Designed for the mid/senior-level professional with significant experience, looking for advice about professional skills and job advancement.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: Offering advice to help you enhance your life, grow, and create more positive personal experiences outside the workplace.

Session Formats

These expert-led sessions are designed to offer practical and actionable advice and skill development to support the advancement of women at work and in life. Topics fall within leadership, career and personal development tracks. Fifteen minutes is reserved at the end for audience Q&A. 

Led by a thought-leader and featuring three panelists, these sessions offer a mix of expert advice, lessons learned and insights on leadership and career focused topics. The thought-leader will present brief remarks at the start of the session to share context and expertise around the topic. Immediately following, the thought-leader will moderate an interactive discussion with panelists using predetermined scripted questions. Ten minutes is reserved at the end for audience Q&A.

Executive Insights: That’s a Good Question
The audience drives the conversation in these interactive sessions based on our wildly popular Women Amplified podcast segment That’s a Good Question. Executive Mentors including Conference board members, senior professionals and community leaders will respond to LIVE attendee questions offering  insights and lessons learned about their career journey. Sessions will address timely and relevant career topics based on the needs of the CFW community and will feature up to 3 Executive Mentors.

Learning Burst
Learning bursts are mini, fifteen-minute masterclasses taking place in the Interactive Hall featuring one speaker addressing a focused leadership, career or personal development topic. Sessions are designed to offer attendees bite-sized, actionable takeaways that they can easily implement. Five minutes is reserved at the end for audience Q&A.