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2017 Session | Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Pushing the Boundaries for Success

Making a decision to “push the boundaries,” whether it is starting your own company, taking an innovative approach, making a job transition or joining a start-up can be overwhelming.  If you have dreamed of making a change, but not sure you are ready for the gamble, this panel of innovative women can help you navigate your fears and assess the risks involved. Learn the best practices of these seasoned entrepreneurs & executives, so that you are are prepared to push the limits and armed to achieve success. Sharing their personal stories, attendees will learn how to:

  • Establish a climate that embraces smart risk and invites sustainable growth;
  • Identify and eliminate barriers to progressive thinking; and
  • Gain confidence to push the limits.

Thought Leader: Lisa Bodell, founder and CEO, futurethink & author, Innovation Revolution

 Patrice Banks, founder, Girls Auto Clinic and author, The Girls Auto Clinic Glove Box Guide
 Karen Cahn, founder & CEO, iFundWomen
 Jennifer Roberts, head, Chase Pay and digital products, JPMorgan Chase

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