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2016 Session | Gender Partnership: Engaging Men As Advocates to Pioneer Gender Equity

By engaging men in advocating for more equal workplaces, we’re creating better leaders, stronger businesses, more fulfilling lives for both women and men as well as establishing a business imperative required at all levels from all managers. The stats are staggering, in terms of where women stand in the workplace even after all this time, and will need an all hands on deck approach to make the changes necessary for equality. Yet, while progress is slow, it is critical to understand that advancements are being made and this forward movement is not being solely spearheaded by women. This session will bring together top female and male CEOs from the greater Philadelphia area to share their firsthand experiences and contributions for achieving gender equity within their organizations. Together we will:

– Identify methods in which women can form closer ties and partner with male counterparts to work together more effectively;
– Illustrate tangible strategies in the workplace for the handling of personnel management, hiring and promotions so all employees are on an equal playing field; and
– Demonstrate practical steps in which you can build a business case internally to engage men as advocates to impact positive change and equity within your organization.

Thought Leader: Robin Hauser Reynolds, documentary filmmaker, CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap

Ilya Bonic
, senior partner & president, talent business segment, Mercer
Gerry Cuddy, president & CEO, Beneficial Bank
Carol Eggert, VP, military and veteran affairs, Comcast Corporation
Dawn Zier, president and CEO, Nutrisystem

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