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2016 Session | Your Career Path: Defining it Differently

Whether you are content on a corporate path, wanting something more entrepreneurial or feeling the urge to make a change every few years, your career goals are your own and can’t be defined by someone else’s idea of success. How do you structure a career that takes into account your own priorities? And how do you brand yourself to either advance internally or be on the radar as someone others should want to hire? Career expert Sarah Brown will lead this discussion with two executives who have had very different career paths and can share with you what their priorities were and how their career has both met those goals and failed to meet an expectation. They will share their stories so that you can learn from their experiences.

Thought Leader: Sarah Brown, creator, the Book of You™ & author, Let Your Personality Be Your Career Guide

Gina Clark, EVP and CMO, AmerisourceBergen
Courtney Goodrich, managing director, global technology, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

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