Trey Boynton

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Trey Boynton

TREY BOYNTON is the senior manager for solution design and development of global strategy and enterprise solutions in the office of inclusion and collaboration with Cisco Systems. For nearly twenty years, she worked in university settings driving equity and inclusion for students, faculty and staff at the University of Michigan. She shifted to the tech industry in 2017 when she joined Duo Security as their first head of diversity and inclusion. Duo achieved a milestone in August 2018 when it was acquired by Cisco as a cornerstone of their software-as-a-service cloud security business. For Boynton, inclusion work is deeply personal.  She describes it as head and heart work centered on creating space so that employees are valued, celebrated, and able to define their own success. She studied at Spelman College, Georgetown University and the University of Michigan. She was a Rackham Merit Scholar, recognized as Distinguished Diversity Leader, and with a Smithsonian Computerworld award.  @cisco

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