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Signe Wilkinson

2020 and 2023 Speaker

Award Recipient | Editorial Cartoonist

SIGNE WILKINSON was the editorial cartoonist for the Philadelphia Daily News beginning in 1993 and the Inquirer in 2013, She retired from both in 2020 and is now an occasional contributor the Inquirer‘s editorial page. During her career, she was one of a small handful of US women cartoonists and drew hundreds of cartoons about women’s issues. Journalists love to give each other prizes and Wilkinson won her fair share. Outside work, she helped start the renovation of Fair Hill Burial Ground in north Philadelphia where abolitionists and reformers, including Lucretia Mott and Robert Purvis are buried. She also helped bring the James Turrell Skyspace to Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting. She’s most proud of her two accomplished daughters, her husband, and having been named “The Pennsylvania Vegetable Substitute” by the PA House of Representatives.