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Sarah Brown

2016 Speaker

SARAH BROWN has over 30 years’ experience in corporate America, working with Bell System, DuPont and Accenture. For 17 years, she was with Accenture, managing large outsourcing engagements, many of which focused on talent management. She created the Book of You™ after recognizing that, while one-on-one coaching was successful, it was also expensive and time consuming. Brown scaled down this big idea, in an effort to jumpstart her clients on their journey to knowing themselves and achieving happiness. She is passionate about research.  Brown earned a Ph. D. in PyschoEducational processes, which is a combination field of adult learning and group psychology.  She has strengths in creative and conceptual thinking, and dealing with very complex and ambiguous problems.  This is what enables her to conceptualize how to scale things like coaching to make it available to the world.