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Ron Joines

2016 Speaker

RON JOINES is the vice president and global medical director for GSK’s environment health, and safety team.  The primary areas of focus of his role include, enhancing workforce energy and performance, protecting staff from workplace hazards and managing global health costs. He has more than 20 years’ experience in international occupational and public health, resilience and human performance, and health care benefit design. Currently, he and his team have responsibility for health strategy, support to GSK operations outside Europe and North America, and the delivery of enterprise-wide health initiatives at GSK. Joines is an accredited performance coach in Energy Management.  He is residency trained in family medicine, occupational medicine and preventive medicine. He also rotated in GSK’s Vaccine’s R&D business for two years. GSK’s most recent efforts include, the Partnership for Prevention, a programme to extend 40 evidence-based, free, preventive health services to the 325,000 people at GSK, global deployment of an EAP, and a global health needs assessment. Recent awards and recognitions for GSK include the 2015 Global Healthy Workplace award winner in the multinational employer category, CEO cancer gold standard and 2016 Innovations in Advancing Health Equity award from NBGH. @gsk