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Rene Syler

2017 Speaker

RENE SYLER is a television personality, who, somewhere between her first and second kids and coming to grips with her imperfections, realized good enough was perfect for her. During her distinguished media career, including four years as anchor on CBS’ The Early Show, Syler has always shown the courage to stand behind her convictions. While there, she conducted high profile interviews with First Lady Laura Bush, Senator John McCain as well as a host of celebrities. She is focused on creating a leading community for moms who understand the challenges of motherhood, and want to share information, stories and resources with one another. is becoming a community of these women and through her book Good Enough Mother, The Perfectly Imperfect book of Parenting, Syler is building a platform in which mothers will find other women just like themselves. She is the daughter of two breast cancer survivors. Her own pre-cancerous condition led to her own mastectomy, and Syler has made it her mission to help educate and eradicate breast cancer. She travels the country as an ambassador for Susan G. Komen for the Cure and she was awarded the prestigious Gracie Allen award for her television series on breast cancer