Patrice Banks

2017 Speaker
Patrice Banks

PATRICE BANKS is a former auto airhead and founder of Girls Auto Clinic (GAC). She’s taking on the automotive industry with her inspiring and energetic message of “educating and empowering woman through their cars!” Banks, who is an engineer and auto technician, created GAC to motivate women, the #1 customer in the auto industry, to change the relationship they have with their car by offering automotive buying and repair resources, products and services. She also owns an auto repair shop that caters to women, hires female mechanics and has a nail salon for customers while they wait for their car. Prior to establishing GAC, Banks worked 12 years as an engineer for DuPont, a science and technology company. She earned a BS in materials engineering from Lehigh University and an utomotive Technology Diploma from Delaware Technical Community College. She is the author of The Girls Auto Clinic Glove Box Guide, set to be released by Touchstone Books, September 2017.

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