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Marina Stamos

2019 Speaker

MARINA STAMOS is an Emmy-nominated former news-television producer who has put hundreds of people on television in front of millions. She is also CEO of Marina Stamos Business Coaching. After overcoming bitter losses, she became a multiple six-figure entrepreneur, and globally recognized women’s business coach, speaker, and vlogger. Her clients include CNN-contributor business owners, an Entrepreneur magazine 40 Millionaires Under 40 notable, award-winning mom-preneur start-ups, coaches, service providers, and a New York Times best-selling author. She has helped clients grow their business as they appeared everywhere from the TedX stage to O Magazine. Her first piece of advice for getting media attention is, ironically, to not focus on getting media attention. Instead, do the transformational work you love, document it with testimonials, give your opinions about trends—and you’re on your way to being discovered. Her talks are raw, hilarious and filled with eye-opening insider secrets! @marinastamos