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LaKisha Greenwade

2019 Speaker

LaKISHA GREENWADE (better known as coach L), is an international brand strategist, and wearable tech eco system founder. She promotes and develops wearable innovations with Wearable Tech Ventures. She believes life is enjoyable when it’s lived on our own terms and given everything we’ve got. As a result, she focuses on establishing personal and business brands through innovation while implementing strategies to support tech startups with female and underrepresented founders. Her business and leadership tips have been featured in the U.S., China, UAE, UK, and Brazil. Her honors include Baltimore City Innovator of the Year, two-time 40 under 40 Honoree, a three-time SXSW presenter, featured contributor, Black Enterprise Tech Connext Fellow, and best-selling author of 40 Days to Unshakable Self- Confidence. Greenwade resides in Maryland, and is a graduate of The Ohio State University (BS), University of Maryland (MBA), and Johns Hopkins University. @luckifit