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Kathy Lentini

2018 Speaker

KATHY LENTINI has been with PECO over twenty years.  She has held various positions primarily within the governmental and external affairs organization. Her current position is director of energy and marketing services for PECO.  Energy and marketing services is a group that encompasses account management for PECO’s largest customers; marketing which includes programs that help customers save energy and money; and economic development which is responsible for attracting businesses to the region.  She also oversees all of the customer satisfaction research for PECO. Lentini serves on the board of Fringe Arts, The Electrical Association of Philadelphia, Linda Creed Breast Cancer Foundation and American Heart Association.  Previously, she was foundation board member for Delaware County Community College, and vice-chaired the fundraising initiatives for the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce. Lentini earned a BS in marketing from LaSalle University as well as her MBA. @pecoconnect