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Kathy Caprino

2018 Speaker

KATHY CAPRINO, MA, is an international career, executive and leadership coach, writer, speaker and trainer dedicated to the advancement of women in business globally. A “Finding Brave” expert, she is a former corporate vice president, trained marriage and family therapist, seasoned coach, and the author of Breakdown, Breakthrough. She is also the founder of Ellia Communications, Inc., a premier career coaching and consulting firm which offers professional women top-level career and personal growth and leadership coaching and training, including the Amazing Career Project online career course, the Amazing Career Certification training program for new coaches, and her new podcast Finding Brave. She has trained and coached over 13,000 professional women and leaders, and is a leading contributor on Forbes, Thrive Global and LinkedIn. A TEDx and keynote speaker, Caprino is also a top media source on careers, women’s issues, leadership, career success and personal growth, and has appeared in over 100 of the nation’s leading publications, and on national radio and TV.  @kathycaprino