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Joyce K. House

Joyce K House

Joyce K. House, a.k.a., Miss Coupon Diva, learned early on the true worth of a coupon. As a young single mother living on a limited budget, House learned how to use coupons out of necessity. When she purchased a box of diapers 36 years ago for her young daughter and noticed spots on the diapers. Not having the luxury to just throw the diapers away, she explained her dilemma to the grocery store manager. It was after being treated poorly by that manager that House wrote the diaper company and once again explained her dilemma and her financial circumstances. The company, in return, apologized and sent Joyce coupons for free pampers. It was at that point that she learned that consumers have the power and she’s been using that power- and coupons- ever since. Years later, House wrote a news station after watching a segment on saving money on groceries and realizing that she had more advice to offer. Soon she was welcomed as a guest on the show. Since that first interview, House has been a frequent guest on Philadelphia’s NBC 10 “Strive to Survive” segment, Patty Jackson’s magazine show “Rewind,” heard by listeners of WDAS, 105.3 and has been interviewed by everyone from Matt Lauer to Ellen Degeneres. Miss Coupon Diva hasn’t paid for toiletries in years and regularly saves over 90%.